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Core CS Data Structures

I had trouble understanding the point of data structures in the beginning. But really they are just clever ways to hold and operate on data. And most of them are not included in programming languages so you have to build them yourself.

You can store data in a plain Array. Or in a String. But those structures don't have many interesting things going for them.

But by using those primitive data structures, you can build more interesting data structures.

That means you can build objects that, depending on the algorithms they implement, can store data in different ways.

Let's say you want to keep track of a stack of books. A Stack data structure would be perfect to use. Just like stacking books one on top of the other, you can only pull out the book that's on top first.

Most languages don't come with a Stack data structure by default, the way they do with data types like Arrays, Strings and Hashes.

But you can build your own object that implements this functionality of stac…

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