React App - EcoVillage Mapper

I've been working with an alliance of Eco-Conscious groups here in Colombia for a few months now.

Besides doing several projects that I've been really interested in, (like translating a book from Spanish to English written by an indigenous Colombian Elder of the Muysqua tribe in Boyaca, Colombia) working on an Eco-Village mapper has been great for indexing and consolidating this knowledge.

Muysqa Tribe Elders from Colombia

Unlike in the US, Colombia still has so much data that is "free-floating", much of it has not been indexed, and for those looking for cultural information, such as where to visit indigenous cultural ambassadors, or information on Solidarity Economies that promote sustainable and organic products – that information is hard to find.

My goal with this project is to bring organization and fast search capabilities to this much-needed community in Colombia. The country has so much rich heritage and history, and with the recent developments of peace between the Colombian Government and the FARC rebel group, tourism here has been soaring.

Now is a great time to be Colombian (we didn't do bad in the World Cup either :), and being at the forefront of the technology push here is exciting.

The EcoVillage Mapper, which the group here is calling Gaia GPS, is built on React and Firebase. Firebase has been a treat to develop on, with one-command deployments and a NoSql database that maintains synchronicity across all devices, instantly.

For the search feature, I built using Algolia Search, easily one of the most advanced and developer-friendly search libraries out there today.

The application is live and currently being used by the Gaia group to index their events and communities across South America. Check it out here.